Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client: Installing/Connecting to the MSU VPN on iOS devices

Installing/Configuring Cisco AnyConnect for iOS


1. Download the Cisco Secure Client app from the App Store.


2. Open the app (the installed app is named AnyConnect), tap No Connections, then tap Add VPN Connection....


3. Type in a Description (this can be anything, but we normally use "MSU"). For the Server Address, type in Tap Save.


4. A popup saying AnyConnect” Would Like to Add VPN Configurations will appear.  Tap Allow.


5. When prompted, confirm by entering your passcode, using TouchID, or using FaceID.

Connecting to the MSU VPN


1. Open the Cisco AnyConnect app and tap the AnyConnect VPN toggle to the right/green to bring up the log in window.



2. Enter the following, then tap Connect:

Group – Choose the appropriate group for your access (Employee, Student, Department, etc.)

Username: Enter your NetID

Password: Enter your NetPassword

Duo Password: There are two options for this.

Option 1: Enter a Duo passcode and tap Next.

Option 2: Enter the word push and tap Connect. Approve the Duo prompt from your Duo Mobile app.


3. You are now connected to the MSU VPN. Use your device as needed once connected. Remember to come back to the Cisco AnyConnect app and tap the toggle to the left/white to disconnect when done.


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