Renew SAS Software 9.4

If you do not already have the installation package downloaded or the flash drive checked out from the Service Desk, you will need to submit a request for the updated license code.

1. In Windows, click the Start button. Click on the SAS group and Renew SAS Software.

Windows menu click on renew SAS Software 9.4


2. Click Yes.

Allow app to make changes


3.  Choose English and click OK.

Language to install


4. Make sure that Apply SAS Foundation license file for renewal is checked. Click Next.

Apply SAS Foundation license


5. Browse to the location of the installation data file located in the sid_files folder on the flash drive or the downloaded installation package select the file labeled Win_X64_Wrkstn for Windows 64 bit or Win_Wrkstn for Windows 32 bit. If you put in a request specifically for the license file and received it, you will just use that download file in this step. Click Open.

Location of SID files


6. Click Next.

SAS installation files


7. Click Start.

Start installation


8. Click Next.

Deployment complete


9. Click Finish.

Finish installation

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