MSU Data Storage Options

ITS-Managed Storage

Personal and Shared Drives (I: and J:):

Local network drives (I: and J:) are stored on servers located at MSU and are available to ITS-supported departments. ITS manages the I: and J: drives and backs up the data on a nightly basis. The I: drive is intended for personal work data. The J: drive is designated for departmental shared data. Requests for creating and granting permission to J: drive folders should be submitted to the ITS Service Desk.

User-Managed Storage

OneDrive for Business:

The cloud-based OneDrive for Business is available for active MSU students and employees. With OneDrive for Business, you can safely access your files and collaborate with others from anywhere, on any device. When using OneDrive for Business, you manage other users’ access to your data. OneDrive for Business is an MSU IT resource. Use caution when sharing data with others regarding legal, regulatory, and University policy requirements. For more OneDrive for Business information visit

Please contact the ITS Service Desk by email at or by phone at 662-325-0631 if you need further assistance.


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