Telephone System


Telephone System

In 2018 with the migration to a new service provider, ITS began upgrading all telephones at the Main campus and Meridian campus.  The new telephones are VoIP devices connected to the campus data network and plugged into local electrical power (which means that your new telephone now relies upon the campus data network and local electrical power).  The standard telephones all have a color display, caller-ID, and an excellent speaker-phone function, as well as 12 programmable buttons and other niceties, such as the ability to have voicemail delivered to email. 


You can place calls on your new telephone just as you did on your old telephone, including dialing a “9” to get an “outside line” and dialing just the five-digit extension for certain numbers (i.e. 5-1234 = 662-325-1234, 81234 = 662-418-1234, 71234 = 662-717-1234, 41234 = 601-484-1234 [Meridian campus], and 61234 = 601-696-1234 [Meridian campus]).  It is no longer necessary to prefix your calls to off-campus numbers with a “9” or to dial a “1” for numbers outside of the local area, but if you do either, it will still work. 

Long distance:

Long distance calls do not require use of auth codes (aka LDS numbers), since domestic long distance usage is included in the base rate.  By default, international long distance calls are not allowed on these new telephones; if you need to be able to place international long distance calls from your telephone, please open a service request with the ITS Service Desk.


You must setup your new voicemail box on your new telephone, defining your personal greeting and name and setting a passcode.  Saved messages from your old voicemail box will not be migrated to your new voicemail box, but your old voicemail box will still be available at 662-325-6245 until at least the fall of 2019.  To setup your new voicemail box, press the voicemail button on your new telephone (labeled with an envelope and to the left of the numeric keypad) and then press the button just under the screen labeled “Connect”.  When prompted, enter the default passcode of 0000 (four zeroes) followed by pressing the “#” key.  Once done, you can access your new voicemail box in the future on your new telephone by pressing the voicemail button and then the button labeled “Connect”; to access your voicemail box when you are out of the office, call your office telephone number and then press the “*” key when voicemail picks up.

Need more help?

More information, including a video training module, may be found in our Telephone category in the Knowledge Base.

If you have any problems with your new telephone, please submit a ticket using our Report an issue with a phone line service. You can also contact the Service Desk at or 662-325-0631.


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