Web Admin Common Questions

Your username and password is your NetID and NetPassword. If you change your NetPassword, your password on your virtual server changes as well. If you are unsure what your NetID is, please see: NetID and NetPassword Information
Centos 6 64-bit GNU/Linux
Each server is running Apache 2.2.x.
Each server is running PHP 5.x in Safe Mode.
Each server is running MySQL 5.x.
Each server is running Perl 5.x.
By default each server has 256MB of memory.
By default each server is allocated 10mb/s worth of bandwidth.
By default each server has 250MB of disk space quota. This includes the OS, all logs, MySQL data and the website. If your site was migrated from Archive you will have as much space as you did there. If you would like to see how much space you are using, run the following command from the command line: 'df -h'. This command will show you how much space you have, and the percentage used. If you need an increase in disk space, please complete a request found here.
No. Root access is not shared.
Yes. Each server is backed up nightly. If you need a file restored, please complete a request here.
Yes, but please bear in mind that maintenance of a software package is an ongoing responsibility. If you are installing a software package then you need to periodically check for patches and new versions and have a regular update schedule. The most frequent cause of web site defacements is unpatched software with known security vulnerabilities. If you are installing homegrown software consider who will fix it in a year, or two, when a flaw is discovered or some incompatibility with the latest version of server software causes it to not work. We cannot undertake to fix user installed software that stops working when we install a necessary server software update.
Yes. If you had to get a new domain because of moving to the new environment, the old URL will get redirected to the new URL. For example: www.msstate.edu/dept/its/ would redirect to www.its.msstate.edu/. Such redirects will be removed at some point in the future.


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