Using PHP

Is PHP running Safe Mode?

PHP is running in Safe Mode. Group Safe Mode is also turned on.

Why is my PHP script not running?

Check to make sure that your script is readable by the world. Also check and make sure that you have opened and closed the <?php … ?> tags.

The short version of php open tags ( <? , <?= ) are not enabled.

Where can I find my PHP errors?

Look in your error logs under the log directory. For example: /var/www/

Is Register Globals turned on?

No, Register Globals is turned off. This feature has substantial security implications and is now turned off by default. In the beta of the next version of PHP this feature has been removed completely.

Can I send email from my webserver?

Yes, however, mail delivery is limited to only to campus addresses. Relaying mail to off-campus addresses is not allowed by default.


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