Accessing Your Website

How to I access my website?

To view your website, simply go to the domain you were given. Going to the IP address will not get you to your website. To upload files you must use either SCP or SFTP. These both use encrypted logins so no one can capture your password when you type it. You will need to log in with your NetId/NetPassword.

While not supported officially by MSU ITS, WinSCP is a free, easy to use application to transfer files to your website. After running WinSCP simply enter 1) hostname (e.g. 2) username (your netid) 3) password (your netpassword) and click [Login]. The first time connecting a warning about a key will popup, click [Yes]. After connecting a link(a directory with a little arrow underneath) will be on the right to the website directory(e.g. its). Anything copied into the website directory will be on the website.

ExpanDrive offers a commercial SFTP software package that allows accessing an SFTP server as a regular network drive.

Is Telnet or FTP allowed?

Telnet and FTP are not allowed as these are unsecured protocols.

Is SSL available?

SSL is available on request. We offer a free SSL certificate that works with most applications and browsers. If your application requires a Thawte or Verisign certificate you will be charged for the certificate. Please note that if you use NetID/NetPassword authentication it is REQUIRED that you use SSL. Also note that this service is not intended for the transmission or storage of sensitive information such as grades, social security numbers or credit card data.

How do I configure Dreamweaver to use SFTP?

  1. Open Dreamweaver.
  2. Go to Site => Manage Sites…
  3. In the Manage Sites window, click on the site name, then click Edit... Or click New to define a new site.
  4. In the Site Definition window, click on the Advanced tab.
  5. In the left-hand column under Category, click Remote Info.
  6. In the Remote Info panel, click on the check box next to Use Secure FTP (SFTP).
  7. Click OK.

Where do I put the files for my website?

You will have a link in your home directory. This link will be your Fully Qualified Doman Name minus the This link will go to /var/www/site/html. Place your website files in this directory. For example: The website has a link in my home directory called its/ that links to /var/www/site/html/.
If you are using SSL, there is a slight difference. Inside your home directory you will have a link called "ssl-fqdn". For example: The SSL files for has a link in my home directory called ssl-its/ that links to /var/www/site/ssl/

Where do I put CGI files?

If you choose to use CGI scripts you will notice a cgi directory under your html directory. This is where you put your CGI Scripts. Here is an example on how to access them:

Where are my logs located?

Your logs are under /var/www/site/log/. 

Is there any type of log analysis?

Yes, a nightly Analog analysis is run. You can access the log stats by going to your website with /statistics/ after it. For example,

What htaccess commands do I have access to?

All htaccess commands are available for you.

Is Samba available?

Samba sends data unencrypted and is not supported. Similar functionality can be achieved with the ExpanDrive software package.

Is WebDAV available?

No. WebDAV is not supported.


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