Two-Factor Authentication: Duo - Using Tokens/Fobs

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Request a Hardware Token/Fob: Click here.

Using a Token/Fob for Duo

1. If you are unable to use a smart phone or tablet, you can opt to use a hardware token for Duo. Please visit 108 Allen Hall and we will assign one to your NetID.

2. Click on the drop down menu beside Device and choose Token. If you want to only enter a Passcode once a day, please check the box next to Remember me for 24 hours. Now click the Enter a Passcode button.

3. When you click the Enter a Passcode button, it will change to a Log In button.

4. On the Duo Token/Fob click the button on the left hand side and you will have a six digit number display on the token/fob.

5. Click in the field next to the Log In button and type in the number displayed.

6. You should see text at the bottom of the Duo window that says Success! And then  Logging you in.



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