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Access is available through the Registrar's Office in the Curriculum and Publications area. A person's access to Faculty Web is based on their authorized access type. There are three categories of Web users: Instructional Faculty Member, Authorized Departmental Users, and General Academic Users.

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A person may be assigned to one or more of these user categories based on the following criteria:

  • Instructional Faculty Member Access
    Faculty members assigned teaching responsibilities will be granted Web access to their assigned class information and to the general student and report information. Each teaching faculty member must complete a Web Access Request Form. Their department chair must approve them and forward them to the Registrar's Office for processing.
  • Authorized Departmental Access
    A departmental staff member or departmental faculty member is granted departmental user access by written approval (Web access form) of their Department Chair. Departmental user access is intended for the academic department's use only. A departmental user may access both general and restricted information and reports within the system. In addition, they will have input capabilities to restricted departmental data to include:
    • input approved permissions to register
    • access and print class rosters
    • access faculty instructional schedules
    • input grades - (when faculty member requests).
  • General Academic Access
    The general academic user classification provides access for non-teaching faculty and staff members serving in areas above the departmental level as well as departmental members not granted access as an instructional faculty member or authorized departmental user. This user will have access to all information except that contained within the restricted areas. A person is granted general academic user access by written approval of their Department Chair, Director, Dean, or Vice President.

myBanner for Faculty

MSU faculty can access myBanner to perform the following functions:

  • View the course catalog.
  • View the master class schedule.
  • View enrollment information.
  • View building and room schedule.
  • View admissions applicants.
  • View current student academic information.
  • View student transcript and degrees.
  • View student holds.
  • View student registration records.
  • Class Roster.
  • Enter student grades.
  • Change NetPassword.

A valid faculty NetID and NetPassword is required to gain access.

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myBanner for Employees

MSU employees can access myBanner to perform the following functions:

  • View benefits and deductions including retirement plans, insurance, etc.
  • View pay information.
  • View tax forms including W-4 and W-2
  • View leave balances and history.
  • Retrieve and print employment verification information.
  • Setup direct deposit bank information.

A valid NetID and NetPassword is required to gain access.

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myBanner for Students

MSU students can access MyBanner to perform the following functions:

Web Access

  • Query the course catalog and master class schedule.
  • View student record.
  • View student class schedule and grades.
  • View current holds.
  • Register for classes.
  • Setup direct deposit bank information.
  • Request student refund via direct deposit.
  • View billing and account information.
  • Pay by credit card or echeck.
  • View Financial Aid information.
  • View Tax Relief information.
  • Update address information.
  • Change NetPassword.
  • Police Vehicle Registration
  • A valid student NetID and NetPassword is required to gain access

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