Requesting a Long Distance Service (LDS) Account


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  • University Long Distance System (PDF)
  • Departmental LDS/Calling Card/Conferencing Request
    Use this application to establish or delete a departmental long distance service, travel calling card, and conferencing request.

    The University Long Distance System (LDS) provides faculty, staff, and on-campus students with direct dial access to the world-wide telephone network. The system utilizes transmission facilities which are leased from major long-distance carriers. An LDS number is required to use the system. The LDS number may be used to place a direct dial long distance call from any unrestricted campus telephone. Each departmental LDS number is associated with a university account number for monthly billing purposes.

    The LDS rate for domestic calls is 10 cents per minute, 24 hours a day. International rates vary by country and time of day. Call ITS for specific rate information.

  • Personal Long Distance Service
    Use this form to create or terminate a personal long distance service account. (Students, Faculty, and Staff)


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