University Long Distance System (LDS) Policies and Instructions


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  1. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION. The University Long Distance System (LDS) provides faculty, staff and on-campus students with direct dial access to the world-wide telephone network. The system utilizes transmission facilities which are leased from major long-distance carriers. An LDS number is required to use the system. The LDS number may be used to place a direct dial long distance call from any unrestricted campus telephone. The call will be billed at a discounted rate to the LDS number rather than the calling station number. Each LDS number is associated with a university account number (department/project accounts) or an MSU ID number (personal accounts). LDS numbers associated with a university account number (department/project accounts) should be used for official university business only.
  2. REMOTE ACCESS. This optional feature provides dial access to the LDS from off-campus locations. A tone-dialed telephone is required to dial remote access calls. Remote access requires special authorization and is limited to department/project accounts.
  3. ESTABLISHING AN LDS ACCOUNT. There are two (2) categories of LDS accounts. Please submit the appropriate online form(s) from the ITS website,, to activate your LDS service:
    •  For Department/Project Accounts: Submit the online Departmental LDS/Calling Card/Conferencing Request Form.. This online form is used to establish a department Main Billing Number and/or to assign, change, or delete an LDS number for an individual employee. This number is to be used for official university business only.
    • For Personal Accounts (available to university students, faculty and staff members) Submit the online Personal Long Distance Service Form.
    • For all area codes – Dial “9” + “1” + Area Code + 7 digit telephone number. When you hear the progress ones, dial your 6 digit LDS number.
    • For International calls – Dial “9” + “011” + Country Code, City Code (if required), and local telephone number. When you hear the progress tones, dial your 6 digit LDS number.
    • NOTE: If your LDS number is not active, you will hear this recording: “We are sorry. Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again.” Check your LDS number and try again. If you receive the system recording again, your LDS number may be deactivated. Please call Information Technology Services at 325-2212 for assistance.
  5. LDS RATES. LDS rates are based upon the cost of service and are considerably below the cost of alternative long distance service from campus. There is no deposit, no minimum usage charge, and no financial limitation on your account. You may obtain information on current rates from Information Technology Services at 325-2212.
  6. CALL BILLING. LDS calls are billed by ITS in accordance with the following:                                                             
    All Area Codes      International       


Call start time:

When called party answers.

When called party answers.


Billing Increments: 1.

First Minutes 2. Added Minutes


Full Minute 6 seconds


Full Minute Full Minute


Rate Periods:


Country – Specific


Split rates for calls extending into another rate period


No. Rate for entire call is by

time of connection

  1.  PROPER TERMINATION OF LDS CALLS. The University telephone system is programmed to provide a number of custom dialing features which are accessed by momentarily depressing the switch-hook on the telephone set. This action will also place an existing LDS call on “hold” and return dial tone to allow you to place a second call for third-party conferencing. Because of this system capability YOU MUST WAIT AT LEAST TWO SECONDS AFTER YOU HANG UP FROM ANY LDS CALL (COMPLETED CALL, UNANSWERED RING, OR BUSY SIGNAL) BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO MAKE ANOTHER LOCAL OR LONG DISTANCE CALL. If you do not wait at least two seconds, you will place the LDS call on “hold” and you will continue to be charged for the call. The call will remain on “hold” until you have completed your second call. REMEMBER – wait at least two seconds before you attempt to make another call.
    1. Department/Project Accounts. A detailed report of LDS usage and associated charges is included in the monthly Information Technology Services invoice. Fraudulent calls must be reported to Information Technology Services within fifteen (15) days of the invoice “run date” in order for adjustments to be made on the account.
      • This number is to be used for official university business only.
      • DO NOT “share” your LDS number with others.
      • LDS numbers should not be used by multiple persons. Each department/project should have a unique number.
    2. Personal Accounts. These accounts are processed through the university’s consolidated billing  and receivable system. Charges for long distance usage will be transferred each month to your University account and may be viewed in myBanner under Account Information, then click on Billing Statement. Fraudulent calls must be reported to Information Technology Services by the end of the following month in order for adjustments to be made on your account.
      • DO NOT “share” your LDS number with others.
      • YOU are financially responsible for all calls charged to your LDS number.
  3. PAYMENTS. You may make payments on your account at one of the cashier windows in Garner Hall. Accounts can also be paid online through your myBanner account or mailed to the address on your statement. You may use cash, check, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express.
  4. TOLL FRAUD. The use of any LDS number with intent to avoid payment of charges is a CRIME. Fraudulent calls will be investigated by ITS, University Police, BellSouth, and long distance carriers, as required. Individuals suspected of toll fraud will be identified to university authorities for further investigation and legal actions under the laws of the state of Mississippi.
    1. Department/Project Accounts.  Complete and submit the Departmental LDS/Calling Card/Conferencing Request Form and select the “Terminate” action on the form. This form is located on the Information Technology Services Web site at
    2. Personal Accounts. Faculty, staff, and on-campus students should complete and submit the Personal LDS Form for cancellation of their account


This form is located on the Information Technology Services website at


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