Residence Hall Custom Dialing Instructions


This article is only applicable for the legacy phone system at MSU. Access the current, VoIP telephone articles via the Telephone System category

RESIDENCE HALL - These features are available only on lines programmed for Residence Hall class of service.

CALL WAITING- Informs you, while you are on a call, that another party is waiting to talk to you. You may answer the call without disconnecting the first call.

HOW IT WORKS: When you are using your telephone and someone else calls you, you will hear a brief tone. The person with whom you are talking will hear a slight click. The incoming caller hears only the usual ringing signal.


TO ANSWER THE INCOMING CALL: LINK. The original party will be placed on

“hold” and you will be connected with the incoming caller.


TO RETURN TO THE ORIGINAL PARTY: LINK. The incoming caller will be placed on “hold” and you will be connected to the original party.


HOW TO END EITHER CONVERSATION: After you have finished talking with either caller, hang up. Your telephone will ring and, when you answer, you will be connected to the party remaining on the line.

CANCEL CALL WAITING - Allows you to temporarily cancel the CALL WAITING feature. CALL WAITING automatically reactivates when you hang up.


NOTE: Use CANCEL CALL WAITING to prevent distribution of data communications by the CALL WAITING signal.

TO CANCEL BEFORE MAKING A CALL: Dial *70. You will hear special dial tone. Place your call.


TO CANCEL WHILE A CALL IS IN PROGRESS: LINK. Your call is placed on “hold” and you will hear a special dial tone. Dial *70. LINK to return to the original party.



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