Customers and Departmental Billing Managers

Individual users are defined in PINNACLE as either Customers or Departmental Business Managers to enable them to log in to PINNACLE and retrieve Billing Statements. Users who only need to retrieve Billing Statements for a single Subscriber are defined as Customers, and users who need to retrieve Billing Statements for more than one Subscriber are defined as Departmental Business Managers. Departmental Business Managers are given access to all departments they need, where a Department is usually defined as a Banner Org. Departmental Business Managers are able to retrieve Billing Statements for all Subscribers associated with the Departments to which they are given access.


Steps to retrieve a Billing Statement from PINNACLE

1. Visit, scroll down to the Quick Links section at the bottom right of the page, then click Departmental Billing Statements. Alternatively, go directly to

2. At the PINNACLE login screen, enter your NetID for the Username, enter your NetPassword for the Password, then click the blue Sign In button.

Figure 3-2


3. The first page presented for both Customers and Departmental Business Managers is identical. From this page, click the menu in the upper left labeled My Account, then select Statements from the menu that drops down.