Frequently Asked Questions about Software

Does ITS keep track of software purchases made by my department?

No ITS does not keep track of software purchases made by your department. It is the departments' responsibility to keep software certificates, email order confirmation and licenses for auditing purposes.

What are the EPLs?

The Express Products Lists (EPLs) are lists of products that can be purchased at a reduced cost for educational entities. Numerous companies worked with ITS Jackson to create a contract on behalf of Mississippi educational entities. You can learn more about the EPL at

When should I purchase software off the Express Products Lists (EPLs)?

The EPLs provide Mississippi State University the highest price discounts. Numerous product are are listed on the EPLs.

What is a site license?

A provision for purchasing an unlimited number of licenses at a discount. Most require yearly renewal fees. One set of the media is duplicated and distributed. Each license requires accurate record keeping and/or reporting. Consequently, every copy and every installation must be registered by completing the Request Form on the ITS Licenses Page.

What is a volume purchase?

A discount based on the volume purchased - the higher the volume, the lower the per-unit cost.

What constitutes illegal copying of software?

One license is meant for one machine. Copying the contents of a diskette or other media onto more than one computer without specific permission is illegal. The same is true for copying the contents of a diskette or CD to another diskette or CD.

What is a copyright?

A legal way of protecting intellectual property. Copyright law, which governs the use of software, is very straightforward; it is illegal to copy a piece of software for any reason other than as a backup unless expressly permitted by the copyright holder. Copyright infringement is a crime and is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.

How do I track software that comes preloaded on a new machine?

When a new computer is purchased that includes software, insist on a certificate authenticating that the software is legally licensed.

If I own version 2.0 of a product and upgrade to version 3.0, do I have two licenses?

No, you have only one license. Upgrading does not create a second license. However, if you own a license for version 2.0 and purchase a license for version 3.0, you own two separate licenses.

What do I need to prove my software is legal?

You should keep the original license card, if possible, and keep a photocopy of the completed registration card. Other items such as the End User License Agreement, the original user's manual, original media, purchase order, and sales receipt serve as proof of purchase.


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