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Canvas Blueprint Associations Request

Once a Blue Print course has been created, you may associate courses with this blue print to allow for easily sharing of content.

1. To request course associations  complete the Canvas Blueprint Associations Request eform located at or by going to myState. Click on Canvas Blueprint Associations Request.


2. Enter your phone number including dashes.

3. Use the pull-down menus to select the term and the Blue Print Course.  Next use the pull-down list to select each course to association one at a time. Select the course name and click the Add Association button.

4. Repeat step 3 to add any other courses to be associated.
5.  Finally, click the Submit button.

6. The courses will be associated with the Blue Print course. You will still see all the courses on your dashboard along with your blueprint course.

7. The blue print course will have a blue outline around the course, click on the blue tab on the right to push content to the other courses. To learn more about how to use Blue print coruses visit the Canvas Community.



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