myMedia Support

Features of myMedia

  • myMedia is the MSU podcasting system with more functionality and the ability to house any file type. myMedia allows users to record from a podcast-enabled lectern and publish their recording immediately to a set. Users also have the option to use a portable recorder to upload recorded files. 
  • myMedia is also your place to store media files – specifically visually rich files such as images, audio, video, animation, 3-D drawings, HTML, PowerPoint, etc. 
  • These files can be accessed from the myMedia site with a Internet connected computer with speakers or placed on an mp3 recorder. 
  • A link in myCourses seamlessly accesses these large files
  • A VPN connection is required when accessing from off campus

How are sets created?

  • myMedia sets are automatically created for all Banner driven classes
  • You can also request an Event Set for sessions that are not classes, such as college-wide lecture series 

Getting Started

  • Go to The dashboard shows podcasts that are available to the public.
  • Log in with your NetID & NetPassword.
  • What you will see after log in:
    • My Sets: owned, managed, and enrolled
    • My Media Collection: File Vault for files not in sets at this time and sets
    • The amount of space you have used and that is available
  • Faculty users start with 10GB of space. This is per user, not per set.
  • To access a set, click on the Set Name.
  • To edit a set or add managers, click on Set Prefs. Make the changes as you like, then click Save.

Adding and Changing Media

  • To add media to a set, click the Upload button, then click the Add button.  You can upload multiple files at a time by holding down Shift while clicking on the file names. When done selecting files, click the Add File button. Confirm the files are listed and click the Upload button and then the Done button.  You can edit the file names by clicking on the name and making edits in the dialog box. Click Save when done.
  • When teaching a new section of a course, we recommend moving the content to the new set.
    • To move a set, check the box next to the media you would like to move, then click the Move button.
    • Select the new location from the drop down list, then click Move Media.
  • Copying media uses a similar process, but will take up more storage space.
  • Deleting media uses a similar process.
  • Web URLs and Podcast URLs
    • These links are used to post content on websites and within myCourses.
      • Web URL: Lists all media that is web published
      • Podcast URL: Lists all media that is podcast published in a single list
    • Copy the link by highlighting it, then using Ctrl+C.
    • Go to your course in myCourses to where you would like the link to be
      • If on the left menu, click the + sign and select Weblink. Name: myMeda URL: use Ctrl-V to paste the link in.
      • If on a content area, enter the content area, hover over Build Content, and click Weblink. Name: myMeda URL: use Ctrl-V to paste the link in.


  • Creating a Podcast from a Classroom Technology Lectern that is podcast enabled
    • Log into the system and then into myMedia
    • Enter your class set and click the Podcast Prefs button
    • Initial Settings: 
      • Enable Live Recordings via Electronic Classrooms
      • Select Location: CTL Lecturn
      • Episode Duration (minutes): enter the length of class 
      • Save
      • A Record button will now be available. 
    • Recording
      • Click the Record button
      • Enter the title for the media file, any description, and tags.
      • Determine if you would like to publish immediately. You can also publish and unpublish the recording as needed.
      • Click the Record button to start. A window will notify you that recording has begun, amount of time remaining, and an audio meter.
      • Click the Stop Recording button when done.



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