Outlook Junk Mail/SPAM Best Practices

The Outlook client comes with its own junk mail handling feature. During initial testing, the Outlook client’s default junk mail handling generated too many false positives, meaning it moved obviously legitimate email to the “Junk E-Mail” folder. To protect users from the inadvertent loss of legitimate emails, junk mail handling is turned off on the Exchange server and grayed out in the Outlook client. The supported method for handling junk or “spam” email is the university’s StopSPAM email protection service.

  1. Enter the StopSPAM page by clicking the StopSPAM page in the sidebar menu.
  2. You will enter the StopSPAM Simple Interface.

  3. By default, your Level of Protection is set at 3a. Aggressively identify SPAM and insert [PossibleSpam] in the Subject. You may choose another level by selecting the radio button next to the number and clicking the Set Protection Level button.
  4. In the StopSPAM Simple Interface, you can Allow or Deny Senders. For example, if you want to make sure all email from a person or company is allowed through the system, enter that person’s email address and click Allow. Alternatively, if you want to deny a particular domain or email address from your account, enter that person’s email address or a domain, and click the Deny button. You can always go back into the Simple Interface and remove any addresses or domains by clicking next to the address.


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