How to set up Employee email (Exchange) on your iPhone or iPad


How do I set up Employee email (Exchange) on my iPhone or iPad?

Applies To

Student employees, Faculty, Staff, & Affiliates of the university.


1. Open Settings, tap Accounts & Passwords, then tap Add Account.


2. Tap Exchange.

3. In the Email field type your The description is just identifying the email account; you can type any description you'd like. Tap Next.


4. Tap Sign In. In the password field, type in your NetPassword. Tap Next.

(Note: If all of the information is correct and the account will not verify, try entering all zeroes for the password, sign in, and when it fails use the correct password. The reason for this is the way that iPhones store passwords.)

5. After this, the screen will display Verifying. Once it finds the server; it will verify your account. If it does not, you will need to configure the account manually.

The settings are as follows:

  • Password: NetPassword
  • Server: AD
  • Mail Server:
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