Installing the BullyPrint Driver for Mac

The following printers are publicly available for your use. Printing to these printers will incur charges which will post automatically to your Banner account. Rates for Open Lab printers can be found at OpenLabs - . Rates for Departmental printers can be found in the department which owns each particular printer.



The following are the steps for installing drivers for BullyPrint, the Departmental For-Fee Printers.

1.  Go to

2.  Find the printer you wish to install on the printer list page. Click the associated link to download the driver for the Macintosh OS platform.

3.  Once file has downloaded, run the installer executable. You will need to unzip the file first. This creates a folder. Run the Popup.pkg file to install.

4.  Go through the steps of the installer. There are no changes that need to be made in the installer. In the final window, click Close.

5.  You should see a new printer listed in the Printers control panel.

6.  You can now select and print to the printer as normal.

7.  Repeat for any additional printers to where you wish to print.

8.  While printing, you may get prompted for your NetID and NetPassword.  Enter your NetID/NetPassword and click OK.


If you have any questions, contact the ITS Service Desk at 662.325.0631, 888.398.6394, or


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