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Articles related to setting up and using myCourses

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Pinned Article myCourses: Changing Course Availability

Changing course availability in myCourses

Pinned Article myCourses: Getting Started for Instructors

Incident Log and quick links.

myCourses: Adding a Basic Adaptive Release Rule

Releasing myCourses content via adaptive release

myCourses: Adding a Teaching Assistant

Adding users as Teaching Assistants into myCourses

myCourses: Adding a Tool Link to a Folder in myCourses

Creating links to Tools in myCourses.

myCourses: Adding and Removing Tool Availability for a Course

Adding and removing tools within myCourses

myCourses: Adding Content

Adding content into myCourses classes

myCourses: Adding the Calendar

Adding the calendar tool into a myCourses course.

myCourses: Blackboard Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate is an online collaboration tool to be used within myCourses.

myCourses: Changing the Course Entry Point

Changing the page that users go to first in your myCourses class.

myCourses: Changing Your Primary Email Address in myCourses

Changing the email address myCourses uses to send notifications.

myCourses: Combining Sections In myCourses

myCourses allows courses to be combined into one course.

myCourses: Connecting to Respondus

myCourses: Connecting to Respondus to publish assessments.

myCourses: Copying Course Content

Copying content from one myCourses section to another.

myCourses: Creating a Grade Book Column

myCourses creating gradebook columns

myCourses: Creating a Group Set

myCourses: How to Create Group Sets

myCourses: Creating a Single Group

Creating groups in myCourses

myCourses: Editing Notification Settings

Editing myCourses notification settings to be notified via email, mobile or within myCourses

myCourses: Editing Test Availability Options

Reopening an assessment to certain students in myCourses.

myCourses: Extending Assessment Time for Certain Students

Increasing assessment time for certain students or groups using availability exceptions.

myCourses: Hiding Courses from Previous Semesters

myCourses stores courses for eighteen months from the last day of term. Courses my be hidden from your course list.

myCourses: Intro to myCourses Workshop

Intro to myCourses workshop handout

myCourses: Making Content Available

Making myCourses content available for users to view.

myCourses: Progress Grades from myCourses into myBanner

Taking grades from myCourses and uploading to myBanner

myCourses: Request a new External or Development Course

Requesting a new External or Development Course

myCourses: Request for a Building Block

Requesting a building block integration installed in myCourses

myCourses: SafeAssign

SafeAssign is a digital plagiarism detection program built into the myCourses assignment tool.

myCourses: Uploading Grades from Excel

Uploading grades from Excel into myCourses

myCourses: Using Adaptive Release on an Assessment

Using Adaptive Release in myCourses to display assessment to certain students only.