Duo Two Factor Authentication: How to Enroll

Two-factor authentication via Duo is most often used in conjunction with the Duo Mobile app installed on your smartphone or tablet. If you do not have a smartphone or tablet capable of running the Duo Mobile app, you can request a hardware token to use instead. Otherwise, follow the steps below to enroll in two-factor authentication and register your mobile device.

Please note that most users are automatically enrolled in Duo and will be prompted to set up a device whenever they log in to a Duo-protected MSU system. They can start at step 5 to set up their device.

Incoming students do NOT receive access to Duo until after they have registered for classes.


Enrolling in and Using Two-Factor Authentication


1.  To begin the enrollment process, visit duo.msstate.edu in your web browser.

2.  Enter your NetID and NetPassword, then click Login.


3. On the Enroll in Two-Factor Authentication screen, you are prompted to have your smartphone or tablet in hand. This is required for 2FA. Click Proceed if you have your smartphone or tablet. Click Yes to confirm.


4.  Click Add/Manage Device to add your device.


5.  In the My Settings & Devices pop-up window, click Start setup.


6.  Choose what type of device to add, a mobile phone or a tablet, then click Continue


7.  If you chose mobile phone, enter your phone number. Check the box to confirm the correct number, then click Continue


8.  Choose what type of mobile device you're adding, then click Continue


9.  If the Duo Mobile app is not currently on your mobile device, launch the App/Play Store and search for "Duo Mobile," then download and install the app.

NOTE: For Duo Mobile app installation instructions, see the related articles on this page.


10.  Once the app has successfully installed, click I have Duo Mobile installed.


11. If you're following these instructions on the device you're using as your second factor, and Duo Mobile is already installed, you should be able to tap Take me to Duo Mobile and your device should activate. If you're following these instructions from a computer browser, launch the Duo Mobile app on your second factor device, tap the “+” button, and scan the QR code provided. Once the code is scanned and your device is activated, a green check appears in the QR code back on the webpage.

In the Duo Mobile app be sure to allow notifications, when prompted, so that Duo will alert you correctly whenever there is a pending log in attempt for you to review.

You will be asked to name this account; you can leave the default of Mississippi State University or customize it. You will then be asked if you would like to practice using Duo to approve/deny a log in attempt. Complete or skip this practice. You will be prompted if you would like to allow your app usage data to be sent to Duo for analysis. It is your choice to allow this or turn it off.

Back in your web browser, click Continue.


12.  Click Close.

Note: We strongly recommend using the default value of “Ask me to choose an authentication method” on the “When I log in“ option 


13.  The final page welcomes you and gives you the opportunity to add another device. If you want to add another device, follow the previous steps. If not, click Exit.

Now that you have enrolled in 2FA, when you log in to an MSU system such as myState, you will enter your NetID and NetPassword as usual, then a Duo screen will appear. This screen has two options, Send Me a Push and Enter a Passcode. Normally, you will click Send Me a Push. The Duo Mobile app on your registered device will prompt you to approve or deny this log in attempt. If this is a legitimate log in from you, tap Approve; otherwise, tap Deny.

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