Migrating Google Drive files to OneDrive for Business

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Google Drive as a cloud storage option for Mississippi State University will be discontinued. Users who wish to keep their files in the cloud must migrate their data to Microsoft OneDrive for Business instead.

Instructions for moving files from Google Drive to OneDrive for Business can be found below.

Microsoft also provides a video detailing the process. Please note that this video is NOT MSU-specific and may differ slightly from the following instructions.


Moving files from Google Drive to OneDrive for Business

1. Go to drive.google.com, then sign in with your netid@msstate.edu email address.

2. Enter your NetID, NetPassword, and authenticate with Duo.

3. Once signed in to Google Drive, select all of your documents/folders, right-click, then choose Download.

Note: To select all the documents/folders you can either hold down the CTRL key on Windows (CMD on macOS), then click each item; click the first item, hold SHIFT, and select the last item; or click and drag a selection box over all the items with your mouse.

4. After your files have been compressed into a downloadable .zip file, save the .zip file to your desktop.

5. Extract the downloaded .zip file from step 4 to a folder on your desktop.

6. On your computer, download and sign in to the OneDrive for Business app if you have not already. Detailed instructions are at:

7. Click the OneDrive (cloud) icon in your system tray (located in the bottom right on Windows, located in the top right on macOS), then click Open Folder.

8. Open the extracted folder from step 5, select all the files/folders (see the selection methods from step 3), then copy/paste the selected items into the OneDrive folder.

The files will start uploading and syncing to OneDrive for Business, as indicated by green check marks.

Please see Canvas: Integrating your Office 365 account with Canvas if you want to integrate your Office 365 account with your Canvas account.


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