Installation of MATLAB 2022a for Windows

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Important: MATLAB VPN Requirement

The MATLAB license server requires users to use the MSU VPN client when trying to run MATLAB R2022a off-campus. Users can install the VPN client by going to This is a one-time install. Users will then need to run the VPN application anytime they want to use MATLAB from off-campus. Instructions for installing and setting up VPN can be found here.


Download MATLAB

MATLAB R2022a may be downloaded from the ITS Software Download page or you can request to pick up the media at the ITS Service Desk in 108 Allen Hall.


Installation Instructions

1. To install MATLAB R2022a, insert the MATLAB flash drive or extract the downloaded .zip file, go into the Matlab for Windows folder, then double-click on setup.exe.

2. In the MathWorks Installer window, select the Advanced Options. Select I have a File installation Key option.

Matlab install screen to select File installation key method


3. In the license agreement window, select the option Yes next to Do you accept the terms of the license agreement. Click Next.

Accept license agreement

4. Enter the file installation key located on the MATLAB USB drive or in the download folder in a text file named Matlab2022Key.


paste file installation key


5.  Select License File option and browse for the file installation key found in the license.lic text (.txt) file on the flash drive or in the files extracted from the zipped file you downloaded from the ITS website. Click Next.

License file

Select path for license.lic file    

6. Leave the default installation folder location. Click Next.

installation destination path


7. Leave the default product selection. Click Next.

select products


8. Click Next.

Select Options


9. Click Begin Install.

Being installation

Note: If you do not have .NET Framework, a supported compiler, or a Java JDK installed then they will need to be installed before MATLAB will operate correctly. Click Next, if prompted, to install the additional components.


10. On the Installation Complete window, click Close.

Installation complete


Activating MATLAB if it fails during installation

1. Open your Start menu and click on the MATLAB R2022a folder. Click Activate MATLAB R2022a.

Activate Matlab


2. Choose Activate automatically using the Internet (recommended). Click Next.

activate using internet


3. Click Browse. You will need to find and select the license.lic file located on the flash drive or in the files extracted from the zipped file you downloaded from the ITS website. Click Next.

Provide license file path

4. MATLAB will activate and display Activation is complete. Click Finish.

Activation complete


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