Installing ESRI - ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.1

ESRI - ArcGIS Desktop is available for installation on university-owned and personal devices for currently employed faculty and staff and for currently enrolled students.

Visit the ESRI - ArcGIS Desktop download service to obtain this software and provisioning profile.


Installing ESRI - ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.1

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1. Run the ArcGIS_Desktop.exe installer file.

2. Click Next.

Destination Folder

3. Check the box next to Launch the setup program, then click Close.


4. Click Yes in the User Account Control prompt.

Account Control

5.Click Next in the Welcome window.


6. Select I accept the master agreement, then click Next.


7. Choose the Complete option, then click Next.

Install Type

8. Click Next to use the default installation folder for ArcGIS Desktop.

Destination folder

9. Click Next to use the default installation folder for the Python component.


10. Check or uncheck the box to decide whether or not to participate in the Esri User Experience Improvement program. Click Install.

Ready to install

11. The installation will begin and may take several minutes. Once it's complete, click Finish. The Licensing Wizard should start; follow the steps below to license your software.




Licensing ESRI - ArcGIS Desktop

1. In the Administrator Wizard window, select the Advanced (ArcInfo) Single Use option, then click Authorize Now.

Administrator Wizard

2. Select the I have received an authorization file and am now ready to finish the authorization process option. Click Browse, then browse to and select the provisioning file you downloaded from the ITS website. Click Next.

  Authorization Options

3. Select the Authorize with Esri now using the Internet option. Click Next.

Authorization Method

4. Click Next. Don't change any of the information in the text fields.

Authorization Infomration

5. Choose the following options from the dropdowns depending on your classification, then click Next.

Faculty/Staff Student
Your Organization Education-Staff/Faculty Education-Student
Your Industry Higher Education Higher Education
Yourself Educator Student

Authorization information

6. Click Next to submit the Software Authorization Number.

Authorization Number

7. Select the I do not want to authorize any extensions at this time option, then click Next.


8. Click Next.

Evaluate Extensions

9. Your software will be authorized. Once it has successfully completed, click Finish.


10. Your ESRI - ArcGIS Desktop software is now licensed. Click OK to exit the ArcGIS Administrator window.

Final step



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