Duo Two-Factor Authentication: Disabling auto-push

Disabling Auto Send from Duo Push

If you are seeing the image above, you are set up to receive an Auto Send from Duo Push. This is not recommended and will cause Remember me for 24 hours to be grayed out. In order to change this option you will first need to log into 2fa.msstate.edu.

  1. Click on Enroll in or Manage Two-Factor Authentication.
  2. Sign in with your NetID and NetPassword.
  3. You will be automatically sent a push from Duo.
  4. Click on Add/Manage Device in the next window.
  5. Then you will need to click Send Me a Push.

Make sure that When I log in is set to Ask me to choose an authentication method. This is the preferred option.

Now click on Save. This will change the button to say Saved. Then you can close the window.


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Tue 3/27/18 4:59 PM
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