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Managing Devices in Duo

If you get a new mobile device or if you delete/have issues with the Duo Mobile app on your current device, you will need to set it up/reactivate it with your Duo account. See the directions below.

1. Visit in a web browser, then click on Enroll in or Manage Two-Factor Authentication.

2. Log in with your NetID/NetPassword, if prompted.

3. At the Duo prompt asking for a Duo Push or a Passcode:

4. On your Duo account page, click the Add/Manage Device button under the My Devices section.

Screenshot for step 4 displaying the Duo account page and the Add/Manage Device button


5. Authenticate with Duo again using either the Duo Mobile app on your previous device or the passcode you generated in step 3.

6. At the My Settings & Devices screen:

  • If you are adding a new device, click on Add another device.
  • If you are reactivating a device, click on Device Options, then click Reactivate Duo Mobile. Skip to step 9.

Screenshot of My Settings & Devices window showing the Add another device link Activating a new device

Reactivating a device


7. Choose the type of device (Phone or Tablet), then click Continue.

8. If adding a new phone, enter in your phone number, confirm it's correct, then click Continue. If adding a tablet, you'll skip this step.

9. Choose the type of phone or tablet you have (iPhone/iOS, Android, Windows Phone), then click Continue.

10. On the Install Duo Mobile page, if you do not already have Duo Mobile installed, you'll need to install it now (Instructions for installing Duo Mobile can be found here). Click on I have Duo Mobile installed.

11. Click the section title below to expand the rest of the instructions based on what device you're using to perform the activation/reactivation.


You've now successfully added/reactivated your MSU Duo account on your device!

If you run into any issues adding your new device to Duo or reactivating a device, please contact the Service Desk at, 662-325-0631, or put in a ticket using the Request assistance with Adding/Managing Two-Factor Authentication Devices service.


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