Installing ENVI 5.4 + IDL

ENVI 5.4 + IDL

NOTE: The licensing server will be:

For single-use or stand-alone license, please email
John Cartwright -

  1. In the GIS folder you will see a folder named Envi54. Open this folder and double-click on envi54-win.

  1. You should now see the Welcome to the ENVI 5.4 Setup Wizard. Click Next.

  1. License Agreement: Select the radio button beside I accept the agreement and then click Next.

  1. Select Destination Location: Accept the default path and click Next.

  1. Select Products: Please choose the defaults unless you are an ESRI user

    - if so, please check the ENVI Tools for the ArcToolbox. Now click Next.

  1. Ready to Install: Click on Install.

  1. Installing...

  1. Click Finish.



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