Setting Up MSU VoiceMail for Office Telephone

VoiceMail is an application of voice processing technology which allows authorized subscribers to record, send and receive voice messages to/from other subscribers from any touch-tone telephone 24 hours a day. In addition, anyone who calls a VoiceMail subscriber can be routed to VoiceMail when the subscriber is unavailable. VoiceMail will automatically answer with the subscriber’s personal greeting and allow callers to leave a message.

Here are some suggestions to make VoiceMail work for you when you are routed to a VoiceMail mailbox:


Skip over the personal greeting: Press “E” ( the 3 key) immediately upon hearing the personal greeting to Escape to the record mode. VoiceMail will play the tone indicating that you can begin recording a message.

Replay, re-record, or append to a message: You may wonder how your message sounds or wish you could change or add to it. To Review your message, press “R” (the 7 key). To Delete it and start again, press “D” (the 3 key). To Append to your message and continue recording, press “A”(the 2 key).

Deliver your message: When you are satisfied with your recorded message, just hang up. Your message will be posted in the called party’s VoiceMail mailbox.


If you do not wish to leave a message, hang up before the personal greeting finishes. If you have already been prompted to begin recording your message when you decide you wish to hang up, press 3 and hang up immediately. This will avoid the situation where a “blank” message is left in the subscriber’s mailbox.


If you need to talk to someone immediately, press 0. You will be transferred to someone within the office who can provide assistance. (Not applicable if you are calling a residence hall, fraternity, or sorority telephone.)


 To sign on to VoiceMail, choose the applicable procedure from the following:

From your campus telephone Dial 56245. You will hear “Hello [your name]. Please enter your passcode.” Enter your passcode.

From another VoiceMail subscriber’s campus telephone Dial 56245. You will hear “Hello [other subscriber’s name]. Please enter your passcode. Press*. You will hear “You have reachedthe MSU VoiceMail Message Desk.” Enter your mailbox number (5 digits) followed by *. Enter your passcode.

From any other telephone Dial 662.325.6245. You will hear “You have reached the MSU Voicemail message desk.” Enter your mailbox number (5 digits) followed by *. Enter your passcode.


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